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We offer a convenient and secure space for you to view, manage and store physical and scanned documents of any type. Access anytime, even at short notice.

Never underestimate the importance of a secure storage space for the business’s documents and internal information. In a competitive environment the price for a tiny leakage is huge and can affect the long-term plans for any industry.

ServTech provides a centered and accessible facility for you to scan and backup the essential files, archive the past documents and collect the company's physical and digital assets all in one place. Use this opportunity to free space in where you operate, easily resolve discrepancies, improve internal communication and comply with CITC regulations. Multiple documents can be retrieved in real time by any trusted person in your company. Access to the files is fully managed by the primary owner(s).

For the vast amount of information we offer management services which allow you to sort the documentation into the dedicated sections and get a clearer view of where your business stands. File assessment and validation helps filter the unwanted and irrelevant information while keeping an eye on the essential papers. On top of that, daily backups will reduce the amount of human resources required to handle the documents and will help keep the business secure.

1. Physical Assessment

2. Validation process

3. Documents scanning

4. Collection and storage

5. Physical archiving system

6. Electronic (scanning) system

7. Daily differential backup system